Coworking, like so many things Cape Ann, is based on the principle that community is core to success.

Coffee shops are great but they aren’t workspaces. Kitchen tables are great but they can be isolating. Renting an office is great, but hard to find on our lovely island affordably.

Sometimes you just need a space. Coworking can adapt to your needs for a quiet space for a day, a hotdesk for a week or an office for three months.

CoWorkGloucester aspires to be a workspace for teleworkers, entrepreneurs, writers and teams. A place where you can find privacy and community as well as support and shared resources like wireless, printers and a kitchen. Maybe you need the occasional conference room and someone to bring food to a working team. Maybe you mostly want quiet but sometimes have to take a conference call. Coworking is all this and more.

Having access to a desk is of course valuable but being part of a dynamic working environment that is managed for you expands creativity and productivity.

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We at CoWorkGloucester have been researching what the right style of community will be for Cape Ann.

Our next step is seeking input on specifics of what you as a coworking member would need in a space but also what you want.

Interested in learning more or being part of the discovery process?

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