Why did you start CoWork Gloucester?

Sanity & Community!

Where are you located?

Right now we are located firmly in the hearts and minds of a core group of coworking vagabonds who rotate between their homes, coffee shops, coworking spaces they have to commute to and the library.

When will you have a space?

Not soon enough but leave us your email to be the first to know when we do! Follow us on Facebook and CoWorkGloucester.com for updates.

What exactly is coworking?

Coworking is the solution for people who need a dynamic and varied office setting with a community of active workers.

What is a varied office setting?

We are so glad you asked because this is one of the coolest things about coworking.

You live on or visit Cape Ann because it has so much to offer in such a relatively small area.

Sometimes you want to go to the beach and be surrounded by a bajillion other people laughing and playing amid a sea of colorful umbrellas, but, at other times, you prefer the solace of a hidden beach or a rocky tidepool.

Then, there are those days you’d like a quiet Dogtown hike, and it’s enough to smile at an occasional person as you pass them on the trail. And after your hike, you want to connect with friends on Main Street for its bustling energy on a summer weekend.

What makes Cape Ann so special is that you can move from one area to another and, if you wanted to, you could do it all on the same day!

CoWork Gloucester reflects this idea: neighborhoods within a space to visit in different moods to meet individual needs each day.

Areas that have the vibrancy of a cafe (did we mention there will be excellent coffee) and areas that are removed and quiet so you can focus. Maybe you think best in a cozy window nook surrounded by plants but later in the day you need to have a team meeting to brainstorm in a room full of whiteboards.

Want more options?

  • Private room where you can have a confidential conversation? Check!
  • Open space with community tables? Check.
  • Dual Monitor setup? Checkity Check.

Whatever environment you desire, CoWork Gloucester will be set up to accommodate your work style.

How much will it cost?

Details are still forming. Several membership options will be available based on frequency of use and levels of amenities.

What are the basic amenities in a coworking space?

A great chair, a desk, printing, copying, blazing-fast WiFi and, did we mention, amazing coffee! And Tea!  Privacy where you need it. Community when you want it.

Why would I use CoWork Gloucester when I love working at home?

You have the best view in town. Your home office is exactly how you want it. And you love commuting from your kitchen to your office is seconds rather than hours. Why even consider going anywhere else?

Because membership at a coworking space lets you have the best of both worlds. Coworking gives you a place to meet and hang out with other people doing the same thing. It breaks the monotony of your own company. It increases your productivity on days you need an extra boost of motivation. It provides opportunities to network with other professionals in our community, which has the potential to become a great lead generator. To say nothing of other, value-add amenities such as: professional meeting space, conference rooms, schmoozing events, administrative backup, moral support, and serendipitous collaborative moments.

CoWork Gloucester is the perfect solution to those days you wish you had another option.

Your home office and our knowledge networks.