You are not alone!

CoWork Gloucester is a group of professionals who have come together to create a state of the art shared workspace. We know today’s workers want flexibility to move from one space to another, ergonomic furniture and the ability to communicate with people in places around the world.

Our offerings will include a variety of private offices, dedicated desks, and open areas with comfy seating and cozy nooks. Conference and meeting rooms will be fully equipped with state of the art technology.

Furnishings are only a small part of the story though.
Cape Ann’s remarkable people are doing amazing things. Having a space to come together, to find our peers and meet future colleagues is what makes a shared workspace extraordinary.

You need a conference room to meet with clients? We’ll have that. You want a private cubicle to shut out the world? We understand. You need a big table to spread out on? With good light, of course. CoWork Gloucester will provide different environments, or “neighborhoods”, for different needs at different times.

We want to become the go-to place to get your work done. Eventually we’ll have an actual physical address.

Right now, we’re in the input phase. We need your input!  We want to know what you and your project or business need to be successful.

Take our quick survey! Tell us how you work on or off Cape Ann, and what would make CoWork Gloucester amazing for you.